River Riding

I work colts/horses 5 days a week, with 2 days rest. I have an outdoor arena, round pen, and access to trails right off my property.  I have stalls with individual turnouts, or group pasture available. I will start your colt off right, with training that helps to develop a sensitive, willing, and confident horse. Or I can help to bring trust, sensitivity, and willingness, back into an adult horse that might have had some previous bad experiences. I believe that arena work and trail work are equally important for the horse’s training, so all horses I work with get experience in both.

If you cannot trailer your horse to me, I offer pick up at 50 cents a mile, from my place to yours and back. Plus training time if your horse has never been in a trailer, or is reluctant to go in.PensFull time horse training and board – $1150 a month

Haul in fee to use facilities is $10 for the day.

Meska and I

Leasing a horse at the Flying Duchess Ranch

Leasing a horse gives you the option to have part-time use of a horse on the ranch, similar to the riding packages. Leasing a horse also gives you the option of taking a horse off the ranch to use for approved activities such as trail riding, horseback archery events, trail obstacle events, horse camping, SCA medieval games events, etc. While you do not have a lease on any one particular horse, you have access to the use of many horses to use for any occasion. Leasing a horse will only be available to experienced riders. If you lease a horse you can have up to 12 hours of free ride time on the ranch and trails per month for anyone in your family, and can take the horse off the ranch for up to 7 days in a month (if needed for camping trips etc.)

Currently leasing a horse is $250 a month.

Should a horse be eligible for adoption, leasers of Flying Duchess Ranch horses will have first right to adopt the horse.


Sponsor a horse at the Flying Duchess Ranch

Sponsoring a horse is a great way to help support the programs offered at the Flying Duchess Ranch if you are unable to or uninterested in taking part in the riding or other activities, or just want to help out! The Flying Duchess Ranch will be taking in rescue horses periodically to train and use for Ranch programs, or to adopt out to new homes for an adoption fee. You can sponsor working ranch horses or rescue horses. Your sponsorship donations go towards the care and training of the horse, and will be used to provide things such as: feed, hoof care, veterinary care, fly masks, blankets, etc.

Boarding a horse at the Flying Duchess Ranch

Boarding a horse is only offered to people who will allow their horses to be used for riding lessons, trail rides, and horseback archery lessons. If you board your horse at the ranch, you will receive two free one hour long lessons OR 6 hours of ride time each month for anyone in your family. This way, if the boarder wants to take a family member on a ride, they are allowed to use another horse from the ranch. The boarded horse will not be used for lessons or riding unless the days and times are verified with the owner.




River trip