Flying Duchess Ranch horses:

First number is ranch riding level/second number is trail riding level/ third number is horseback archery level.

Tasha (1/1/4) – 1988 Arabian mare. Tasha is a great kid’s lesson horse in the arena and round pen, but can be a bit spunky on the trails. Tasha can be ridden Western or English. She is good at jumping, and knows basic Dressage. She can only be ridden by advanced riders on the horseback archery course.  Because she is our old lady on the ranch, Tasha has a weight limit of 150lbs (but don’t let that fool you, she has lots of stamina and go-power!).


Arete (Tasha’s daughter) – 2006 Half Arabian half Mangalarga Marchador mare. Arete is Tasha’s daughter. Arete is very calm and sensitive. Arete is no longer a lesson horse and has become my primary demonstration horse.


Buda (Arete’s son) – 2013 3/4 Mangalarga Marchador 1/4 Arabian colt. Arete’s Son.


Jebe (1/1/1) – 1999 Polish Arabian gelding. Jebe has the most training of any horse on the ranch, and is also one of the most patient. Jebe is our confidence building horse, and can be ridden all disciplines. He can be ridden by beginners at the ranch, on the trails, and on the horseback archery course. Jebe is a very sensitive horse, but is also forgiving of beginner’s mistakes.


Magic (1/1/2)  – 2000 Arabian mare. Magic is  a very sweet yet spunky Arabian mare. She has a lot of training in both Western and English, and is good over small jumps. Magic loves the trails, and is very good both on the trail obstacle course and the archery course.


Woody (2/1/1) – 2005 Paint gelding. Woody is owned by Samantha Edgar and the Edgar family. Woody is very laid back, and also has a forgiving nature. He can be mischievous at times, and sometimes requires a little more direction than some of the older horses. But his nature makes him suitable for intermediate riders. Woody can be ridden by intermediate riders at the ranch, on the trails, and on the horseback archery course. He has mostly been ridden western, but has done some jumping.


Drogo – 2015 Andalusian Colt.