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Colt For Sale! (Sold)

Dresden is from the Mt Adams Indian reservation wild horse herd. He is roughly two years old, and was caught as a yearling. Short and stocky build, I don’t think he will mature above 15hh. He is black, with ticking in his flanks, and a coon tail; this also known as rabicano white patterning. He was gentled here at the ranch, and so far has learned to lead, tie, trailer, pony, pick up feet, be brushed, saddled, and do trail obstacle in hand. He has been ponied on the trails, into the river, through creeks, and has been walked in hand at the Oregon coast. He is an easy keeper, not picky about hay, and overall has a quiet and gentle personality. He is a thinker, and needs to be allowed to slowly work through new experiences. Not a beginner’s horse. I will only let him go to someone who has experience in handling young horses, or someone who will be working with a trainer on a regular biases.
He is due to be gelded on the 13th, and will be available after that.

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Tristan SOLD!

Tristan has found his new home and will be going home to his new owner Laura at the beginning of May. Her daughter hopes to bring him back though for a mounted archery clinic this summer :)