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*Announcement! The Flying Duchess Ranch is currently not open for clinics or private lessons. Katie Stearns is taking maternity leave until further notice.*


The Flying Duchess Ranch is a natural horsemanship and mounted martial arts training center. We offer a wide variety of services from horse training and colt starting, to mounted martial arts lessons and clinics. Here you will find a place with happy horses and open minds.

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Tie your horse safely.

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Fit tip: If a rider sits with rigid shoulders, her hands will stiffen, which causes the horse to brace his mouth. This, as I've posted before, has many negative consequences for his body. So, riders, check your shoulders and arms for unnecessary tension.

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Haha, horse terms 101 ...

Horse Terms for Non-Horsey People :D Trot ON.....The place to talk horse and nothing but HORSE...Post your update NOW troton.com/

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