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*Announcement! The Flying Duchess Ranch is currently not open for clinics or private lessons. Katie Stearns is taking maternity leave until further notice.*


The Flying Duchess Ranch is a natural horsemanship and mounted martial arts training center. We offer a wide variety of services from horse training and colt starting, to mounted martial arts lessons and clinics. Here you will find a place with happy horses and open minds.

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One of the many reasons it is good to routinely check your tack! ...

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Bill Edgar took some great pictures of our club demo yesterday! ...

Each year ELS hosts Medieval Day to raise money for rescued horses and every year, Broken Arrow Mounted Archers does a demo of their sport. Smaller group than some years, but just as fun!

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Finding a good saddle for horseback archery is hard, unless you can make one yourself. This is my personal saddle, made for me by a dear friend. My shooting improved immensely once I had a saddle I could stand up freely in. You don't need a medieval replica type to get the same results, but finding something with free swinging stirrups that hang down under you instead of in front of you is key. Most Western, and even some English, saddles will put you in a position that make it difficult to get out of the saddle to shoot. The best I have found in modern day saddles for horseback archery are endurance saddles. McClellan saddles are perfect for finding the right position, however many do not fit out modern flat backed horses. ...

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Many things keep going through my head from our last event. So here are some tips for horseback archery:

If you do not have an independent seat at the canter, you are not ready to practice horseback archery at the canter. If you do not know what this means, you should take more riding lessons before practicing horseback archery.

Practice riding, controlling speed and direction, without holding onto the reins, before practicing on the horseback archery course.

Invest in two to three DOZEN arrows. This will let you do more consecutive runs when training, and you can maintain your focus longer. Also it is helpful when you do not have to expect people at events to gather arrows for you after every one or two runs during training.

Horses and people have good and bad days. Even good and bad weekends... or months. Be kind to your horse and yourself.

Sit up, sit up, sit up more, grip with your knees, keep your heels down, and sit up some more.

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What a fantastic event! Very inspiring. ...

Wrocław, 16-17 września 2017 Zdjęcia od naszej fotograf Marta Nowakowska Photography 🏆 Western Horsemanship 🏆 Trail 🏆 Próba Caprillego 🏆 Ujeżdżenie 🏆 Skoki przez przeszody 🏆 Pokazy <3

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